Soulful Mentoring

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” Mary Oliver



1:1 online mentoring: Do you have some burning questions or need some inspiration to get out of a rut? Online mentoring is one hour where you can pick my brain about anything photography related. From client booking, lighting, editing, location scouting, unposing and session guiding, my heart and soul are wide open for you to learn.
(1 hour, $295+tax)

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In person

1:1 in person mentoring: We’ll meet at a cafe and go through my thought processes when designing a session, my interactions with the client from start to finish, and my editing process. We’ll talk about who your ideal client is and why, and how to book those clients. Business questions, creative questions, and everything in between will be covered. We’ll end the mentoring session with a styled session to add to your portfolio.
(3 hours, $595+tax)


Bring a friend…

bring a friend to an in person mentoring session
(3 hours, 795+tax)