Welcome to Me

As a heart led photographer, my passion is to create images that resonate with the soul. I believe in the power of being seen and that our little moments, our every day moments, are the ones that matter most. Seeing yourself in those moments matters even more. My images are never going to be tack sharp, perfect, airbrushed images, because life is never tack sharp, perfect or airbrushed. My images reveal the shadows so you can see the light that is your life. Your beautiful life, in all of its raw and true.

I am a mama to twin girls, wife, and believer that we are all here to be a part of each other’s journey. My favourite word is the word grace because it opens up space for story which in turn creates space for vulnerability and love. Both equally strong qualities which make for the strongest representation of real life. When I look back on my life’s work, I want to see life at its fullest and richest and realest. Thank you for letting me capture that for you as well.